Saturday, October 29, 2011

My "Unkabogable" Night! ☺

October 27, 2011

It was a boring, boring Thursday afternoon when Daddy called me out of the blue.
"Ah, Hershey..."
"Magbihis ka nang 8pm, okay? Nood tayo Praybeyt Benjamin"

Not later than a second, I told dad 'okay'.
Okay fine, hindi lang "okay" ang nasabi ko.
May kasama na ring tili at yehey. lol. I was soo stoked to watch the movie that everyone has been talking about (yes, literally EVERYONE).

I started dressing up at around 6pm (yes, dapat talaga maaga, excited ako eh haha).
{If you would like to see photos of my outfit, click this .}

We ended up going to Trinoma late.
We went there at around 9:30 pm, and the mall was closing.
We hurried up to the tickets area.
"oh my gosh, perfect timing!! Last 4 seats available nalang yung available for the LAST screening! Saktong-sakto satin!" I told my Mom, Dad, and Yaya.
The people in front of us got the tickets first.
My jaw dropped. I was super duper mega disappointed.

But then.... the girl said that they opened another screening at 11:30pm, due to popular demand. lol.
Even though it was super late, we still bought it. Ayaw naman naming masayang yung pagpunta namin ng trinoma. Tsaka, na-excite at na-intriga kami kung ano yung meron sa Praybeyt Benjamin eh. :)

 This is our "ticket to happiness". Loljk.

Oh, and do you see what we've got there at the upper right corner of the ticket?
It says that when you buy one scoop at Gelatissimo, you get another one for free.

We decided to go to Gelatissimo to avail of the promo. Plus, we didn't know what else we could do for one whole hour, now that the mall was closed!

Gelatissimo is the home of the great gelato.

What's the difference between Gelato and Ice Cream?
Ice cream has over 18% fat and up to 70% air content, whereas gelato has under 10% fat and 25% air content, making it a healthier and better quality alternative.

 I love love love Tiramisu!! yuum.

We headed to Cinema 5 at around 11:15pm.
Woah, even if it was super late at night, there were still A LOT of people waiting outside the cinema for the doors to open.


It's funny na kahit sa simple na movie na ito, nagka isa ang mga Pilipino. Mapa sosyal man, o mapa-jejemon, lahat nasa loob lang ng movie house. Lahat tumatawa as if isa kaming malaking pamilya. Different people from different "classes" ng society, nandoon, nanunood.
This proves na ang mga pinoy talaga, mahilig tumawa. Hehe.

I had a lot of fun watching Praybeyt Benjamin.
Naalala ko ang Disney movie na Mulan mula dito, but extra FUNNIER ng bonggang bongga.
From start to end, super halakhak lang. May jaws started to hurt from all the laughing- literally!!
It's a feel-good, enjoy-it-while-it-lasts movie you'd definitely want to see, I swear!!
Kudos to Vice Ganda who made the movie extra special!!
I heard that they earned 24 Million Pesos on its first day.

To my Filipino brothers and sisters out there, I recommend that you watch Praybeyt Benjamin! Nakakawala ng stress. Tumawa naman tayo from time to time. :)

View the official trailer here!!!

Don't forget to comment on this post about your experience watching this super unkabogable movie!! :)

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  1. The movie is amaazing! =)) Watched it probably around 2 times and I can't help it- the movie is epic!

    Great blog :)


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