Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Trick or Treat (?)

trick or treat….. (?)
I have never went trick or treating IN MY WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE.
So I basically begged my friends to go out with me. Luckily, my friend’s village hoseted a trick or treating event last Saturday.
I planned on dressing up as Cruella De Vil. But since I thought that not everyone’s “game” to go in costumes, I decided to just be in a “Cruella De Vil - INSPIRED” costume. 
I started getting ready at around 1 pm.
Everything was going on as planned…until it rained….so hard….. that my plans were eventually ruined. 
I sat in my room, whimpering. 
okay…..maybe throwing fits, too.
My girlfriends came over late - around 5 pm. We were still waiting for my ride, so we decided to do a little make over.
They were my own personal Barbie dolls!! I did their make up, and dressed them up as well. :)
Brianna as a cow girl
Angeline as a cat..slash monkey…slash bear..
Our friends, Rone & Dave, went over late.
They borrowed my dad’s Doctor coats.
We ended up going to Ferndale late. Thus, we missed my supposedly ‘first halloween trick or treat ever’. 
*sigh* We ended up just chilling at the village, and eating pizza at Mico’s crib.
It was obvious in this photo that I was a tad bit disappointed. lol.
More photos:
I had an okay night. It was fun bonding with friends (and eating LOTS of slices of pizza), but I must admit that I was really disappointed over the fact that I was late. Sigh. 
After that, some friends went over at my house. They stayed ‘til around midnight.
I SWEAR, NEXT YEAR, I WOULD DEFINITELY GO TRICK OR TREATING (even though Im a bit too old for it).

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