Wednesday, April 4, 2012

One of the boys!

March 27, 2012

We went to Yakimix (SM North Edsa branch) to celebrate Rone's birthday.  It was also considered a victory party because exams, NAT, quizbee, and other school-related stuff were finally OVER.
We were free men!! haha!

We started eating from 5pm til 10pm.

May mga "strategy" pa nga kaming nalalaman, eh.

  • no rice, para di mabusog agad
  • dahan dahan lang ang pagkain, para hindi mabigla
  • meal-dessert-meal-dessert-soup-meal-dessert pattern para di ma-umay agad. HAHAHA ANO DAW?
We are forever jologs people. LOL.

Happy birthday, Ronnie Boy!

Standing in front of the glorious, glorious food!
To be honest, the SM North Edsa branch is my favorite.
I've been to the Greenbelt and Trinoma branch already, but this just stood out among the three.

The food is absolutely delicious and tasty, the service is good, and the place is biiiig!

With the birthday boy!! 

I must admit that it was nice spending the whole night with just boys.
We all got to talk about anything, minus the drama and all that shizz.
We were literally laughing all over the place. We did pranks on each other, "experimented" with the grill, stole each others' food, and did a lot other silly stuff. That night, I honestly felt like a kid again.

I will forever love these boys to bits. :)

(L-R) Raha, Rone, Dustin, Jomar, Alec, Justin

                                                       The Teenage Queen

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