Sunday, May 20, 2012

BTS: Sneak peek of my next giveaway in partnership with Moonleaf Don Antonio!

Yep,that's THE Japoy Lizardo.
You know, THE famous Filipino Taekwando master who bagged Gold in the 2011 Southeast Asian Games? 
He's a legend, I tell you.

Still doesn't ring a bell?

He's the Milo kid, for goodness' sake! 

Remember him now?
Yea, well I thought so.

(c) Junessa Rendon

Yep,my next partnership will be all about three things: 

1. Moonleaf Don Antonio
2. Japoy Lizardo
and of course,
3. Milo

(c) Junessa Rendon 

Photographers doing their thinggg. Haha.
Say hi to Ms. Junessa Rendon and Sir Vincent Lizardo!

Watch out for my next contest!

The Teenage Queen


  1. honnnngg gwapo ni Japoy! :p

  2. I think I saw him on the package of Milo a long time ago. So he's grown up now.


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