Thursday, June 14, 2012

Society is a bitch

I hate being compared to other people.
I hate not being good enough.

 Smart enough.

 Kind enough.

and most of all, pretty enough.

And no, don't tell me things like "what matters is what's on the inside, not on the outside." , because that's not how society thinks.
Society says that you're only considered pretty when you're tall, sexy, fair-skinned, and basically.... flawless.
And to tell you the truth, I'm not any of those.
And because of the kind of mindset that society introduced to us, I get teased, bullied and looked down upon.

Ever since I was a kid, I've been brought down by a lot of people.
I've been called a horse.
Worse, a rat.
Some people even told me that I looked like a a guy trying to be a girl.

I've been teased because of my lips, prominent front teeth, dark skin and thick brows.

I've been asked why my sisters are both pretty, while I'm not.

All of those left a wound in my heart.

I try to not listen to them.
But honestly, it's really hard not to care, especially if you've been battling with the same old shit for years now.

And because I keep hearing the same stuff all over again, I start to think that everything they say about me is true.

I hate everyone who brings me down.

 They all just make me hate myself.


  1. Hershey, you're beautiful. I think you are because you look different (not in a bad way). You don't look like the rest of us. I guess that's why most people immediately think otherwise, because they're just afraid of admitting that something foreign-looking is actually beautiful. That's basically what we call "intimidation". And you know what? Those people who tease you are just plain insecure bitches because you truly are beautiful. Inside and outside. LOL if I know, deep down, mga inggitera yang mga yan.

  2. This post is awesome. It reminds me so much of One Tree Hill. And that's a compliment :)

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    You are a lovely person inside AND out.
    I hope you always remember that. :)


  4. Hi Hershey! This issue, too, saddens me because people today are so judgmental which results to insecurity and low self esteem for others affected. I get affected too sometimes. But you know what? Never let haters bring you down. THEY'RE the insecure ones, they say those things because they're jealous and want to be "higher" than you. Remember what I told you in the palanca letter I gave you? ;) You've achieved so many great things like passing the UPCAT- now studying in UP Manila, getting medals in school, plus- you're a great blogger and dress well! You're a smart, beautiful and humble person that's why a lot of people love you for that. There's more to life than all the hate. ;) What also matters is how GOD sees you. He loves you because you're HIS daughter. Just keep praying and keep the positivity. SMILE! So what they say that you look like a rat? They're just jealous of your hearty and beautiful smile. ;D Smile dear. :* >:D< :) God bless! ✝

  5. Kathleen CrisologoJune 16, 2012 at 12:02 AM

    Hi Hershey! :) Don't let society define who you are and affect how you see yourself. You're most definitely one of the most beautiful people I've ever met, both inside and out. I may not personally know you very well, but I can tell you're an amazing person. You're the kind of girl who doesn't need makeup or fancy clothes to be pretty, and I envy your natural beauty. You've got a kind heart and that's a beautiful thing a lot of people don't have. You shine oh so brightly, but I think you shine the most when you help others, like in the Aid for Joyce campaign. You're an absolutely lovely girl and I totally wouldn't mind being you (and I'n sure I'm not the only one).

    1. Hi guys. I just read the comments you left on my post. To be honest, I really didnt expect that people would be reading/ reacting to that post. And I dont really know what to say and how to say it, but I just wanna say thank you so much (to the moon and back). You really touched my heart and made me feel all better. You all are blessings to me.

  6. Sa totoo lang hindi ka dapat nagpapa-apekto sa mga sinasabi ng mga taong hindi ka lubos na kilala. There are sooo many people who loves you. At dapat yung mga iniisip lang ng mga taong nagmamahal at nakakakilala sayo yung mag-matter. God bless. ♥


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