Saturday, December 1, 2012

Browhaus Loves Bloggers!

Two Sundays ago, I decided to pay Browhaus (Fort branch) a visit so that I could have my brows threaded again. 
But when I stepped into the salon, I found in front of me a very, VERY pleasant surprise!
I swear, I had to blink my eyes thrice to make sure I wasn't just seeing things: OH MY FREAKIN GOODNESS, BROWHAUS FEATURED MY BLOG POST!! 
I got so super ultra mega kaduper bonggang kilig.
 Imagine-in niyo, I was screaming deep inside (Mga  more than 3000 Hz!! Ganun ka intense!) without letting any noise come out from my mouth (so as not to make a scene or something). BUT STILL UGH GETS BA? HAHAHAHA. 

Thank you so much, Browhaus! More power to you!!

Other blogs featured on their wall:

Thank you sooo much, Browhaus Manila!! 
I know that this isn't a "big thing" for most people, but I personally think that is such a milestone  for an aspiring blogger like me. 
The fact that the people from Browhaus were able read my post is what makes me kilig the most. 
So thank you, Browhaus! thank you, thank you! :)


The Teenage Queen

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