Friday, January 18, 2013


She turned her cant's into cans & her dreams into plans.

Remember the photoshoot I was talking about in this blog post? Well, the photos are finally out! 

I am so proud of my friend for coming up with these beautiful photos. She's grown and matured as an artist throughout the years, and I just couldn't be any happier for her. :)

Anyway, happy viewing!

*See outfit post HERE

Photography by Brianna Cardenas
Make up by Mitch Mabutas

By the way, I'm usually always up for fun shoots! So if you're interested or anything, feel free to contact me through my email:


The Teenage Queen

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  1. love how happy you look!:) pretty pictures! your plaid shirt reminds me of grunge. Classy grunge in your case!:)


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