Thursday, October 24, 2013

Sparkle & Lace

Hallow, beautiful ladies!! 
Guess what? It's officially my sembreak! woot woot! Aaaand I just want to share that CAPTIVATE 2013 ( , an event I was OPC for, was a big success! (Good job, sisses! I am so proud of youuu all!! )Thank you to everyone who came last night and supported the benefit sem-ender party brought to you by the Sigma Alpha Nu Sorority! :) hihihi.

Anyhoo, let me share to y'all what I wore last Saturday to my highschool classmate Bea's 18th birthday. Her debut's theme was vintage, though I wasn't really able to prepare what to wear-- it was my" more-of-hell-than-finals week" then. On the day itself, I literally just wore the first dress that I thought gave a vintage feel. Lace is a classic, and for me, it will never go out of style. 
Thanks to RJ for taking this shot!!

Dress- borrowed from my sister
Sparkly skirt- Forever 21
Flats- bazaar

Just two quick selfies using RJ's phone becaaauuuseee I miss having a phone with a front cam ( fyi, my iPhone 5 got stolen in a mall near my school). I'm actually saving up for a gadget this year. Help me think: should I get an iPad mini or an iPod Touch 5th Gen?

PHOTOBOOTH!! And yes, I am very loved.

Two days to go til my blog's 2nd anniversary!


The Teenage Queen

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  1. Love that sparkly skirt and the top! Ang ganda. And I love your blog.


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