Sunday, December 1, 2013

This Girl Is on Fire!

I don't know why my immune system had to mess up yesterday, but yeah, just to let y'all know, I spent one whole frikin day sleeping in bed whilst covered in layers of sheets and surrounded with rolls and rolls of tissues. EEEEEK!

 I was also looking forward to my highschool classmate's debut then, so I *had* to feel better as the clock struck 7. And so I did. Yay for fluids, meds, and for 16+ hours of sleep!  HAHAHA.

So this was what I wore that night. I wasn't really feeling my 100%, so I dressed up as comfortably as I could.

I love my nude pair of heels from Asianvogue! 
It can be paired with almost any outfit!

I love the metal tips on my collar!

Arm candies I got for bargain at Divisoria, paired with my mom's vintage purse! :P

Hugs and kisses to Ysabel Vitangcol (the beautiful blogger behind Simply Chic) for taking my outfit shots!
Mehehehe. #BloggerProblems


And here are some photos of Snow Florendo's super G-R-A-N-D debut at Sulo Rivera Hotel For her beautiful entrance,  she was greeted with fire dancers as she walked her way to the music of This Girl is on Fire.

Random photos with my highschool friends!!
Indeed, highschool is 
 f o r e v e r! <3

With just some of mah gurlfrendz, Bria and Angeline!

Bria's and mine! Arm partyyy!

one of da boyz

 grabbed this one from RJ :) heehee

Photobooth tiiiime! Thanks, CLICK PHOTO SOUVENIR

Big thanks to Snow for throwing an awesome party! Everyone had fun!!
Happy birthday, babe! You look so gorgeous as ever!

LOL and come to think of it, I've only 2 months left to prepare for my debut! Yikes!!

The Teenage Queen


  1. It was greet seeing and bonding with you yesterday!! We do have our fair share of #bloggerproblems hehe. Love you! ❤

  2. Hi Hershey,

    Thank you so much for the sweetest comment, I was so kilig. Hehe :) Looks like such a fun night, Sulo poolside is really pretty, noh? Take Vitamin C and drink lots of water so you don't relapse and good luck on your own debut!



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