Thursday, March 27, 2014

#theteenagequeenat18: My Debut Gown (#ootd)

I've always wanted to be a princess. When I was 4, I knew every Disney song by heart. Everyday, I would twirl around my bedroom, and pretend to be living my own happily-ever-after.
And I clearly remember that ever since I was a young girl, it has always been my dream to wear a pink, sparkly, and fluffy ball gown. Fast forward 14 years later, and nope, I'm still not a princess, and I realized that life is harsh and that it's nothing like my favorite fairytales. (LOL, sorry to burst your bubbly, pre-school version of me)

 But at least now, I could cross one thing off my bucketlist: Wear a ball gown like that of Belle's.

I would like to thank Miss Julianne Syjuco, the designer of my beautiful dress, for making my little wish come true. Heeheehee. 

She's so amazing, I swear! She designed everything, and even did the beadwork of my dainty dress! From the cute color to the layers and layers of tulle, every bit of my dress was just the way I imagined it to be. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much miss Julianne! Your works are beyond amazing. With talent and passion like yours, you will definitely go places.

Please do check out once the website's up! 
Also check out #juliannesyjuco and follow @julianne_syjuco on Instagram to see more of her beautiful masterpieces!

Photos taken by: Nice Print Photography
Edited by: Hershey Neri

Make-up by: Miss Verna Marin of LOREAL Philippines


I am a very detail-oriented person.
That is why this beautiful beadwork by Miss Julianne Syjuco is probably my favorite thing about this whole creation. :) I am absolutely in love with it!

Debut-planning? Here are a few tips: CLICK HERE
Stay tuned for more debut posts and tips please!

The Teenage Queen


  1. Awww we almost had the same gown! I myself had beaded and a big puffy one!:) Oh and pink too! Hehe. You looked stunning, Hershey!:) I'm sure you'll grow even more beautiful!

  2. Hello princess! You look stunning! Thanks again for the fab time love!


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