Thursday, April 3, 2014

Featured: Gayuma Ni Maria

A week ago, my parents picked me up from a friend's house late in the evening. It was around 9PM that time, and we were really hungry. Since we were in the area, we decided to head straight to Sikatuna Village and try out new restaurants there. The Sikatuna/ Maginhawa street area is very famous for its hipster restaurants. Usually, the price range of the restos in this area are very student-friendly, too.

Anyway, while driving around, my parents and I saw this sign: 

(Gayuma actually means love potion in Filipino folk belief)

Mom and I spoke up on how we see this "Gayuma Ni Maria" restaurant everywhere--- on Facebook, blogs, etc. So we decided to give it a try. 

The ambiance of the place is really artsy.


My parents and I were a bit disappointed, though. We wanted to try the nachos, the lumpia, mashed potato, etc. but they were all unavailable. It was a turn-off for us. 
However, considering we were eating out at past 9PM, siguro nga naubusan na yung pagkain.

We ordered  baby back ribs, puso ng saging + bread, and dessert instead. We wanted to order a whole lot more, but then again, everything seemed as if they were unavailable :(

But that's okay, I guess. The food was two thumbs up-- make that six thumbs up--- for all of us.
The bbq ribs, called "Rock Me Baby", was SUPERB. Though they only serve three chunks per plate, it was very big and juicy. It was what I could say a perfect plate of  ribs! We ordered an extra plate because it was just too darn good.

We also had puso ng saging with cheese. At first, I didn't even know what puso ng saging was! On my third bite, my mother told me "You do know that you're eating vegetable, right?" and I was like, "You didn't have to tell me!!!!!!" (for those who dont know, im very picky when it comes to veggies HAHAHA)

But seriously! It was SO DARN GOOD that I didn't even know it was vegetable in the first place. The puso ng saging was mixed with cream cheese and all sorts of yummy stuff. It was so delicious. I have no words! The garlic bread was perfect, too. We ordered an extra plate of 'em because we couldn't have enough of em!

And lastly, we had dessert. Their chocolate cake was very yummy and moist.

We are definitely going back here. The hipster ambiance was very cozy. Also, the food scored 10/10 for all of us. The only problem was the availability of the food in their menu. We hope that the next time we visit, we could try out new dishes.

The Teenage Queen

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