Sunday, September 21, 2014

Une Angelique

The past seven days have been anything but stressful. Because of the storm, we had three school days off this week, which was pretty cool since we really had to get some much-needed sleep (it was our hellweek the week before). Just chilling in my bed and munching on almond-sprinkled doughnuts was my way to spend the weekend, and I couldn't be any more thankful for this opportunity to finally relax and get some rest (huhuhu UP hell week plz). 

So right now,  while we're not yet drowning in school work, lemme try to squeeze in a quick blog post for you all!! :)

Bottom: (dress used as skirt) from Paradise Treats
Shoes: Payless
Bag: Korean brand

Girls, we're very, very happy to announce that the newest sponsor in this blog, UNE ANGELIQUE ,
and I are now collaborating on a very special CLOTHES GIVEAWAY for you all! We're really excited for this, and we're sure you'll love the clothes Une Angelique picked out for you girls <3 For the meantime, please do check them out on Facebook and share some love by hitting 'LIKE'! :)


Say hello to Yuki, my 9-year-old doggie, at the back! 

That's all for now, girls! :)
Hope you're all safe and dry from the rain.

The Teenage Queen

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