Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Skittly Gadgets by The Teenage Queen :)

Hey, everyone!

Greetings from the University Library!! lol. I'm just killing time now cause I have a 6-hour break-- WHAT IS UP WITH THAT. So anyway, what have y'all been up to lately? I really do hope everyone's doing fiiine. Ya know, my blog just celebrated its third anniversary last October 26, and looking back , it's amazing how much things have changed since Day 1, I just can't help but be thankful. Thank you so much for all the love, you girls! Virtual hugs and kisses from Ermita, Manila! HAHAHAHA

Also, so so sorry for not being able to regularly post on the blog *again*. BUT I have a reasonable excuse this time tho lol!!! I just started a business! Whhoooppeeee :)

Please please follow @SkittlyGadgets on Instagram!
It's where you can find the jumpiest, quirkiest, and cutest gadget accessories. If you're asking why I named my shop Skittly Gadgets, it was my genius sister who came up with it lol. We just love Skittles, that's why.

Macbook case: 850 pesos
Macbook keyboard: 250 pesos
Macbook dust plugs: 150 pesos
cord protectors (to prevent your chargers from breaking --lol, APPLE pls--- and getting all tangled up): 25 pesos each

999 pesos: Macbook case + regular keyboard + dust plugs

1,200 pesos:
Macbook case+ premium keyboard + dust plugs

Here are some #reposts from my lovely customers!

And here are more of my products! :)

 If you're interested in getting cute and AFFORDABLE gadget accessories, please please do check out @SkittlyGadgets #SkittlyGadgets, okeeee? Promise? Pinky swear? :P

Ending this post with a selfie taken just 5 minutes ago lol. 
#UPWalangSembreak #AcademicCalendarShiftProblemz #AngHabaNgBreakKo ZzzZZzzz
Selfie at the library because #modelstudent #notreally

Hungry and sleepy,
The Teenage Queen

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