Sunday, May 31, 2015

WEST PALM: A Sweet Summer Getaway by UP JMA!

We were invited to an exclusive bloggers' summer getaway party last May 9, 2015. 

It was funny though, cause, all thanks to the academic calendar shift, it was actually our hellweek that time. So I really didn't "deserve" to be celebrating my non-existent summer vacation then.

So when I got the invite, I was torn between attending the event for free ice cream and cupcakes, or to just stay at home to study and regain all the hours of sleep I had lost. But hey, everyone needs a break from work, so I was like "hey? Why not? Let's loosen up a bit!".

The party was held at New World Hotel in Manila, which was like a 5 minutes away from my campus. It was so convenient cause I came from a video shoot that day for a major requirement in class. Lol. Oh the perks of studying in Manila. =))  #TeamMalate #MalateQueen HAHAHAHAHAHA

Thank you for inviting us, UP Junior Marketing Association!

When we got to the event, we were provided with a checklist of cool stuff we could try out. There was a dessert bar, a makeover by Inglot booth, a freebies booth, and so much more!

Our first stop was the desserts buffet, cause it was darn hot and we needed ice cream to survive.

Braided bracelet from Simone's Closet! Check them out on Instagram!

Thanks for being my plus one, Ken!

Can't get enough of these burger-shaped cupcakes!

More desserts for our happy tummies!!

These mango cupcakes from Sophie's Mom were the bomb.

It was so fun finally seeing you in person (after 3 years), Jamsy!! :)

Next up: manicure time! Thanks, Inglot PH!

More photos from UP JMA: 

 UP JMA held this Instagram contest thing, and guess who won??
Hihi I rarely win contests. Thanks for the free cupcakes, you guys!

We had so much fun that night! Thank you for hosting this event, UP JMA. It was the perfect detox.

Check out the event highlights video here, and try to spot us! hihi

Oh and fyi: my exams ended last Thursday, so yep, I'm a free woman!!!!

IT'S SUMMER TIME, beaches!!!!!!!

The Teenage Queen

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