Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Bid Goodbye to Chapped Lips and Dry Skin with the Healing Power of Vaseline!

Up til now, my mother would always frown whenever my lips get dry and chapped. (Which is pretty often). Our country's hot and humid climate isn't the only one to blame, since I  also have this bad habit of biting, peeling, and licking my lips (lol). If you're addicted to collecting lipsticks, then you can just imagine how annoying it is to have dry lips. 

So trust me,  I've long been looking for the perfect remedy for this.

The search, my friends, is over.

Meet the newest addition to my make-up kit, the VASELINE jelly. 

The Vaseline jelly, or more commonly known as petroleum jelly, does wonders, even inespecially inthe beauty department. Surprised? Don't worry, I was, too. 

Did you know that, aside from the obvious fact that it can be used as a moisturizer, petroleum jelly can also be used as a HIGHLIGHTER? (woah). This do-it-all product also heals cracked hands and heels, rashes, and of course, chapped lips!

WITHOUT VASELINE JELLY - Chapped lips! Yikes!

WITH VASELINE JELLY - Hurray for soft and moisturized lips!

Without lipstick


With lipstick

To prove the healing power of Vaseline, a mounted live billboard along C5 was put up last April 8-10. Real leaves were used, and half of them were covered with Vaseline jelly. After three days, the difference was totally visible: the side that was coated with Vaseline jelly remained vibrant and moisturized, while the other half dried out completely. 

I also did this little experiment at home, and true enough, it worked! :O  Imagine, if Vaseline can do this to leaves, what more to skin!!

Because of this, I am so excited to tell you all about the new Vaseline jelly lotions. These wonder products have micro-droplets of Vaseline jelly that work deep within the epidermis to bring back lost moisture and heal dry skin. It's perfect for modern Filipinas, because with our everyday lifestyle (taking hot showers, staying in air-conditioned rooms, braving hot and humid commute rides, being exposed to heat and pollution, etc.), we are exposed to factors that could dry and damage our skin.

The new Vaseline jelly lotions come in two varieties: the healthy white instant fair, and the intensive care deep restore.

100ml - PHP 69.30
200ml- PHP 126
400ml- PHP225

These are perfect cause I just took the Dry Skin test over at , and found out that I have (yikes!) mild dryness. You could try the test out too, to find out the condition of your skin :)

Thank God for the healing power of Vaseline! :P 

Have dry skin and chapped lips, too? Feel free to share with us your beauty remedies in the comments section below! 


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