Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Can Flavor Help You Find #LoveAtFirstTaste?

Okay, so Knorr recently uploaded a video of their super duper cute social experiment entitled #LoveAtFirstTaste. They basically hooked up single people together based on their favorite meals, and oh my god, I've been single for almost a year now,  and I just really found this cute, and OK MY FAVORITE MEAL IS SINIGANG, HELLO, WORLD, HELLO, FATE, pls pick me next??????? HI SOULMATE WER U AT????

Lol, speaking of #LoveAtFirstTaste, I remember having this cute little crush on a guy I saw at a fine dining buffet from years back. I, being the complete dork I was, tried to follow him around and get a piece of whatever food he got from the buffet table, just so that we would end up having plates of the same food. I actually even attempted to "accidentally" bump into him just so that I can say some lame pick-up line like, "Oh my gosh, would you look at that!  We have the same interests!!!" Of course, I didn't do it. (Thank goodness I didn't do it).

Okay enough with the blah blah blah.

Did you know that a research on the role of flavor in our lives was conducted among 12, 000 respondents from 12 different countries? Results showed that:

48%  would rather give up sex than flavor – broken down to 42% of men and 55% of women
70% would give up the right to vote over flavor
58% would give up having a successful career over flavor
75% would give up social media over flavor
29% of people finding it unattractive when someone orders food they don’t enjoy
1 in 5 of people order a meal at a restaurant they don’t like, simply to impress their date

With 83% of responders claiming to be more attracted to people who enjoy the same food flavors as them, this fuelled the idea that your personality flavor can help in make meaningful connections and determine the depth and quality of our various relations – whether with family members, friends and peers, or even romantic partners.

Putting these insights and research to the ultimate test, a social experiment campaign with a twist was created to showcase how flavor can be catalysts to life’s meaningful connections. In a short film entitled Love at First Taste, sets of two complete strangers were paired up in a blind date on the basis on their love for the same flavors. The result? An entertaining film that underpins how each culinary experience and flavor creates distinct memories and feelings with people, discovered using the Flavor Profiler. 

“Having studied the behavioural patterns behind food consumption for over 30 years, this research by Knorr validates something I have long suspected; that food and flavors are a window to our character and our flavor preferences offer a vital insight into our personality,” shared Greg Tucker, Flavor Expert and Psychologist. “So it is no wonder that when pairing up, we seek soul-mates who are also eat-mates, who like the same food and flavors that we do.”

Ready to find out what your flavor profile is? Watch Knorr’s latest film Love at First Taste and be inspired on how strangers became match made in foodie heaven by visiting Discover which one of the twelve flavor profiles you are! Take the Knorr Flavor Profiler at and share your flavor personality with your Love at First Taste stories online using the official hashtag #LoveAtFirstTaste.


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