Tuesday, July 26, 2016

FreshLook and Air Optix #ColorYourMood Event: Contact Lenses Dos and Don'ts + Color style guide!

This is something I might not admit in person—but I am secretly a Kathryn Bernardo fan.

So when I got invited to the Air Optix and FreshLook #ColorYourMood event, I knew I had to go, even if it was on a Sunday! Lol!

I've always loved wearing Freshlook contacts, and I've always felt prettiest whenever I wore green lenses. That day though, Freshlook made me try on a new color--gray!! :) 

What do you think? :)

The #ColorYourMood event last July 10 was held at the Robinson's Ermita Activity Center. The newest brand ambassadors, Kathryn Bernardo and Julia Montes, were launched to both media and fans! They also revealed a short video campaign on dos and dont's when wearing contacts :)

Kathryn and Julia fans are, hands down, WIIIILLDDD.

First things first: 
What is the difference betwen Air Optix Colors and Freshlook Colorblends?

Air Optix Colors is designed for long hour wear, because it is made up of proprietary silicone hydrogel material which allows plenty of oxygen to pass through the contact lenses.

Freshlook, on the other hand, uses  classic hydrogel material, and is perfect for everyday wear. 

Both lenses are designed to create beautiful, natural-looking eyes, and are available with or without vision correction.

Let me share with you a couple of things I learned at the event:

1. Always wash your hands before you putting on or removing your contacts.

2. When using dailies contacts, throw them away after 24 hours.

3. When you are using regular contacts, dispose of them after 30 days.

4. Only buy contact lenses solution from authorized dealers. DO NOT trust unauthorized stores. Remember, you only have two eyes, so better take care of them!

5. Three months after opening your contact lenses solution, throw it away. Do not wait for its expiration date!

6. Remember to change your solution every day.

7. DO NOT use solution to lubricate eyes when they dry up. There are special drops for that called lubricants.

8. And lastly, DO NOT share contacts lenses, even with your BFF! :)

Wanna try out colored lenses but don't know which one to get? Here's a quick style guide!

Frequently asked questions:

What is the recommended replacement schedule for Air Optix and Freshlook lenses? What is the replacement schedule if a consumer only wears them part-time?

 Monthly replacement is recommended for both Air Optix and Freshlook lenses, whether they are worn every day or part-time. 

What colors are available?

Air Optix: for a subtle look: pure hazel, blue, green, grey and brown
                  for bold eyes: brilliant blue, gemstone green, honey and sterling grey. 

FreshLook: for a subtle look: amethyst, green, pure hazel, brown, gray, and blue
                    for bold eyes: honey, sterling gray, gemstone green, brilliant blue 

Is vision the same in Air Optix contact lenses as clear contact lenses?  
Vision is similar but not identical. After a few days of lens wear, vision with Air Optix Colors for most consumers will be nearly the same as vision with clear contact lenses. However, there is an adaptation period, especially during low light conditions such as driving at night.

How much are Air Optix and Freshlook lenses? 

Air Optix: PHP 1496
Freshlook: PHP 1195

Allow me to share a couple of photos we took that day! :P

With Marj Sia and Saska Sacro

 With Sas and Sumi! The best part of going to blogging events is definitely meeting new friends! :)

With  my gym blogger buddies, Deo and Arnie! 

Ending this post with a quick video of the day's highlights! :) Enjoy!

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