Thursday, July 7, 2016

The Gawky Girl's Road to Strong: Week 1 at Kinetix Lab PH, Technohub

I have always, ALWAYS been awkward. But one day during those muni-muni-turned-self-reflection moments, nagka realization nalang ako na shucks!! Ang tanda ko na, kailangan ko nang gumalaw nang mature!!!!!

Pero diba, pano naman ako magiging mature kung ang lampa lampa lampa ko (tas gets, sobrang jologs ko pa, pero ibang story na yun HAHAHA).

 I've been so bothered by this so I told my sibling, Ate Yas, that I wanted to start working outShe suggested that I try out the new gym along Commonwealth, Quezon City that opened just last June.  I was hesitant at first kasi OMG nakaka hiya talaga and nakaka-intimidate (!!!), but I asked myself, when was the last time I did something for the first time nga naman, diba? (Remember my #20FirstsProject this year?)

So I gathered the courage (and confidence!!!! char joke overflowing na ata ako nun), and enrolled in a fitness program at Kinetix Lab PH. It's located at the second floor of Technohub.

The facilities are really nice. There's a hotel lobby kind of feels to it, plus the equipment are complete. Like what I said, the gym opened just this year so everything's new! The best part? Their coaches are super supportive and fun. Instead of feeling intimidated, I actually feel motivated by them every time we train.

I honestly thought I was gonna dread going to gym, but surprisingly, I now look forward to going every day!! I found a new community there where people inspire each other to get fit and strong.

So anyway, yesterday marked the first week of my fitness journey, and from here on, I will be committing to posting weekly updates of this journey every Wednesday night (because, duh, #WorkoutWednesdays nga diba?)

Here it goes!!

The Gawky Girl's Road to Strong: WEEK 1

Wednesday (June 29, 2016)

Today, we did circuit training with Coach Marlon and Coach LA.


The workout was so INTENSE (NAKA CAPSLOCK TALAGA), but it felt sooooo good after! It was funny tho cause my body hurt like crazy that night, but I still went hiking the next day at Mt. Pamitinan.

Siyempre kailangan ng #ootd kasi #bloggerinstincts. HAHAHA.

Guys, meet my workout buddies!! 

Coach Marlon, Deo, Arnie (, Ate Yas, Coach Royan, and Coach LA! :)

So glad we're doing this fitness project together, Arns!! Here's to achieving our strength goals this year!

Sunday (July 3, 2016)

Sunday is family day, but since I wasn't able to train for three days (I went hiking on Thursday and was suffering from muscle pain on Friday and Saturday lol), I dedicated an hour at Kinetix. I went to the gym alone at around 8AM.

Monday (July 4, 2016)

I attended the 7:30PM circuit training group class headed by Coach LA. It was INTENSE but the pain was soooooo goood. We did squats, a little TRX, push-ups, and jogging, among others.

I also realized two things: I like TRX and hate doing push-ups with so much passion.

Photo grabbed from @jazibalayan

There are a lot of things I have to improve on, but hey, baby steps! Everything takes time and a beginner like me has to really be patient. Coach Royan told me that we have to work on the foundations first. So it's all about strength and endurance this month, and by next month, we can do strength training.

Photo from Arnie Villanueva

Third wheeled with Deo and Arnie, with Coach LA! :)

Tuesday (July 5, 2016) 

 I don't know what got into me that day, but I felt EXTRA MASIPAG and attended two back-to-back classes!!

Yoga at 6:30 PM (with Teacher Cherrie)

and Piloxing (pilates + boxing) at 7:30PM with Teacher Roz!

I loooove unleashing my inner Taylor Swift. Hahaha. My friends know how awkward a dancer I am, but there's no denying it, I LOOOOVE dancing!! I enjoyed piloxing so much, I swear I'm gonna block off my Tuesday nights for this. 

Wednesday (July 6, 2016)

I was Deo and Arnie's resident third wheel once again! Haha. We did training with Coach Royan that afternoon. As I type this, my body still hurts but PAIN NEVER FELT THIS GOOOOD. :)

It's just been the first week but I feel confident as ever. 

Of course I haven't seen changes in my body yet, but no joke, working out DOES make you feel happy and good about yourself. I actually feel great that I'm finally doing something to help make me stronger.

As some of my readers know (since my life is an open book, lol), I've gone through depression the past months and I've also gained a lot of doubts and insecurities. But here I am now, moving on to better things in life and living in the now. I'm doing my best to love myself despite my imperfections, to do everything to get my life back on track, and to appreciate the beauty of life! And it starts by loving your own body, with its own flaws and all.

In the words of our yoga instructor last Tuesday, "Be kind to your body. Because your body loves you."


Here's a quick video to document our first week at Kinetix!!

I've committed 90 days to this program. The question: shall Gawky Girl find her way to Strong?

Let's see in 13 weeks! #GawkyGirlsProjectStrong


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