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#GawkyGirlsRoadToStrong: Weeks 2 and 3 (Aka When I Worked Out With Two Artistas, and How I Realized Na Hindi Pala Ako Galit)

DISCLAIMER: It is exactly 12:54AM as I write this, and I already apologize for the brain fart you are about to read (much of it is a product of my sabaw state of my mind).

Weeks 2 and 3 of the #GawkyGirlsRoadToStrong went by in a blur, mainly because I WAS EVERYWHERE. And by that, I meant:

-I finally defended my thesis (thank you Lord!!!)
- Which means I also submitted my completion form 
- My friends took me out on a hiking trip in Rizal
- Dad and I also flew to Hong Kong for a spontaneous date the same week
- My first friend in college got married and we went as her bridesmaids (read all about it HERE)
- Aaaaand, I know I said I wanted to take a gap year before working, but LOL, my phone bill arrived and my line got cut, and I'm basically out of moolah, which explains why I've also been everywhere looking for a job to pay my bills... so...

Ang dami kong sinabi pero ang main point ko lang naman is this----

IF YOU WANNA BE STRONG, YOU REALLY HAVE TO STAY COMMITTED. (Parang sa love lang yan. Charot wala akong alam sa love, ok!!!!!! bye).


At doon ko rin na-realize yung importance of gym buddies. Exhibit A:


There was this one time (and by once I mean maybe a couple a hundred times) where it was raining REALLY, REALLY hard and I had to drag myself out of the bed to get my ass to the gym. 

When I arrived, I was just in time for boot camp training (not really sure if it's a ~good~ thing, but I was also Coach Cathy's only student then. Lol dead.).

Thanks to Kinetix Lab, I discovered my love for yoga. Totally worth going out of the house on a lazy day for. Wink wink.

Like I said, weeks 2 and 3 were really busy times. Of course, there were days when I would feel really guilty I didn't get to work out. True enough, hahanap-hanapin mo yung physical activity. When I do get to train after days of no exercise, though, I noticed that my progress started slowing down. But before getting frustrated, I just told myself I'd use it to drive me to strive harder the next weeks to come.


I still can't help but LOL at this one time I worked out with my artista sister, Hiyasmin Neri, and her artista friend, Cara Eriguel.

The sole fact lang na sobrang lampa ko talaga, tapos gets, pinag-sama ako with them na sobrang physically fit and strong...tas gets, hindi sila mukhang inaapi kapag nag woworkout, bakit ang fresh parin nila ganun.. HAHAHA CAN YOU IMAGINE.

While I was slowly dying by their side, I was honestly inspired to train harder and more regularly because I wanna be as fit as them one day.

And yes, while I did have a hard time keeping up with them, my gym buddies were very patient with me. The Kinetix Lab coaches were also very supportive, and that alone goes a long way, especially for a beginner like me. They make working out and training something one could look forward to.

One of the funniest moments of the day was when Coach Royan told me, "Lakasan mo pa! Ilabas mo galit mo!", and I shouted back to him, saying, "pero hindi po ako galit!!!!". HAHAHHAHA ang labo.

Anyway, that concludes weeks 2 and 3! Hopefully, I do better next time. With my super busy sched, I learned I HAVE to dedicate specific nights just for this. 

Here's to learning and growing!

Watch the video for a recap. 

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  1. Hersh you're forever benta!!! HAHAHAHAHA I love this! I can imagine this whole scenario: Coach Royan told me, "Lakasan mo pa! Ilabas mo galit mo!", and I shouted back to him, saying, "pero hindi po ako galit!!!!"



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