Monday, August 1, 2016

When My First Friend in College Had Her Fairytale Wedding (and How I Styled My Infinity Bridesmaid Dress)

Okay, so lately, I figured out that here's how life goes: 

First, you learn how to crawl. Then, you learn how to walk. And then you go to school, meet friends, fall in love, have your heart broken (once, twice, maybe even thrice), finally graduate college, and the next thing you know, one of your friends ties the knot, and you realize that most of your friends are in serious relationships already, and you're pretty much very, very single.

Not that I'm complaining or anything because M2M's Don't Say You Love Me is my current Anthem of the Heart. CHA-CHA-CHAAARRRR.

Anyway, my first ever friend in college, Chesca, married the love of her life last Saturday. I still clearly remember how my friends and I helped put make-up and perfume on her in one of the mall's bathroom stalls before she was picked up by Joseph on their first date.

Years later, A LOT of things have changed (which involves shifting courses, saying good bye to ex-lovers, and you know, some college drama here and there), which was why when Chesca asked me if I could be one of her bridesmaids to the wedding, I let out a big AWWWW and told her how honored and happy I was to be be invited! 

As I mentioned, she was my first ever friend in college back when I was a Nursing student, and we did see each other grow into the women we are today. Being able to witness this milestone for her is something I would not ever miss out on for the world.

In line with the ala-Tangled theme of the wedding, Chesca's bridesmaids wore purple infinity dresses. The best part was that each was free to style her own dress! :)

If you're gonna ask me who styled my dress, I'm gonna tell you straight that it wasn't me. Lol. It was my sibling, Ate Yas, who experimented with the look (I just told her that I wanted to wear it as a tube because, even though I wanted to try it, halter tops don't really look flattering on me).


Infinity Dress- PHP 1,800, (brand unknown) | Clutch-  price unkown, Mango | Shoes- PHP 3,000~, Charles & Keith | Accessories- price unknown, SM Women

Make-up by Kristine Lipio (@touchbykristine)
Hair by Brevie Lou

The wedding was held at Sweet Harmony Gardens. It was a beautiful, intimate wedding with the couple's close friends and family. Their vows were beautifully said, and everyone felt the sincerity of their love for each other. 

Say hi to my new friend, Anina, and to my college friend, Priscilla!

Also, we didn't realize we'd be such a sucker for weddings til we saw Chesca walk down the aisle. I swear I was bawling my eyes out and was constantly bugging my seat mates if they had some tissue. Lol.

One infinity dress, different styles!

I love happy endings and beautiful beginnings! <3

Old friends, new friends, and a lot of awkward-bridesmaid-dancing!


Congratulations, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph and Chesca Bitangcol!

And because I'm feeling extremely sappy, here's a throwback photo of our barkada!

It only took a beautiful wedding for us to finally reunite! 

Congratulations again, Chesca and Joseph! Praying for all the best for you. Love you both!




Watch their same day edit video by Nice Print Photography!

"Breast and wing nalang po meron."

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