Saturday, September 3, 2016

Cop the 90s Look: Girl Next Door

Not gonna lie, I was a hundred percent giddy when Maybelline Philppines challenged us to re-create OOTDs back in the 90s. For the Cop the 90s Look challenge, I wore the Maybelline Nude Brown lipsticks (read my review on them HERE), since brown lips were all the rage back then.

Of course, the 90s look wouldn't be complete without this hairstyle! Who remembers wearing her hair like this? Half-pony with two strands of hair in the front! Lol. 

Bright off-shoulder top: Trippy Swag | Choker: Borrowed from my officemate, Audrey |
Pants: Forever 21

I love, love, love the 90s! From the toys we grew up playing, to the (oftentimes crazy) fashion trends we wore, and down to the music (I had a Britney Spears phase--I mean, who didn't?!).

And there you have it! Look number one! :) Stay tuned for the second look. ;)

PS. These were shot during our break at work. Lol. The perks of working with photographers and having a studio right inside the office. Hahaha!



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