Monday, September 19, 2016

DEWmocracy: Be Heard and Make Your Stand!

Last August 12, we got to be part of something historicalMountain Dew launched the country's first ever DEWmocracy.

Yup, they just launched TWO new flavors, Blue Shock and Live Wire.

As exciting as this sounds, only ONE could remain, and it's up to YOU guys to decide on Mountain Dew's fate. ;)

Blue Shock is for the fresh and adventurous. It has a distinct raspberry flavor unique to Filipinos.

For the loud and electrifying, Live Wire is the choice for you. It is the classic orange flavor we Pinoys love.

Which flavor will remain?

Be heard and make your stand. Everyone has a voice. Are you #DewBlueShock or #DewLiveWire?

Vote now on Twitter and Instagram to make your votes count. Voting period ends  on October 31, 2016.

 Voters of the winning flavor will have a chance to win a brand new pickup truck!!!
WOOOT WOOT! Perfect for a road trip! ;)

Now enough of the intro and please allow me to share photos from the event that day!

The beautiful Joyce Pring hosted the showdown.

While Ramon Bautista and Sam YG headed the two competing teams, Livewire and Blue Shock, respectively.

It was really fun to watch personalities like Saab Magalona, Patty Tiu, etc. participate in flip top and bottle-flip battles. Hahaha.

Saab of Team Livewire successfully flipped the bottle! (Luckily, I caught the winning moment on cam! Watch the vid below!)

With fellow bloggers Jirbie Go of and Ava Te of <3 Go, Team Livewire!! 

With Luie Magbanua! She's the first video game blogger I met, and she's awesome!!

With blogger besties, Saskia of and Lou of

We had the coolest table ever. We spent the night showing each other photos of our pets. HAHAHAHA. #TitasAndTitosOfManila

Hey, Ramon! (Lol we actually made a video together. Uploading it of these days :P)

Lowkey fan-girled over Saab :P She's one of my favorite bloggers ok!!!!!

With Joyce!

Super thanks to Lola and Daisies of Instagram for my super cute romper!!!

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