Saturday, June 24, 2017

"An Oblation of Sunflowers"

 (c) Pauline Disuanco 

"And when the sunflowers bloomed, 
No one asked, 'Which is the smartest sunflower of all?'
''Which sunflower took more time to bloom than it should have?'
'Which sunflower experienced the most failure?['
 For all blossomed equally exquisitely eventually 
Instead, there was a man, naked arms outstretched, hands open head tilted, eyes closed lips parted in half-spoken offering 
An oblation of sunflowers"

- a poem by Marianne Adrielle Tiongson


Padayon sa lahat ng Isko't Iskang sumablay ngayong taon! Paglingkuran ang sambayanan!

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