Saturday, June 24, 2017

My Graduation OOTD: Supporting Local From Top to Toe!

Sa dinami-daming beses kong sumablay sa buhay, eto na ata ang pinaka-matamis! :)

Like any Isko and Iska, it took me sleepless nights, a few shower-free mornings (no judgment, may Math DepEx kami nun OK!), over 150 blue books, around 300 cups of coffee, and 587 hours of ugly crying in bed in fetal position, 'til I finally reached the end of my undergrad journey.

Kidding aside, I'm just really ecstatic we all made it out alive (congrats to us, Class 2017!!), and I'm still so grateful for all the lessons our alma mater taught us—nakaka-inlove ka talaga, UP!

Graduating as an Isko or an Iska also means you finally get to wear the university's official academic costume—the Sablay. The beautiful, heart-stopping, I'm-getting-butterflies-in-my-stomach-just-by-looking-at-it Sablay.

Translated literally, 'to sablay' means 'to fail'— but in UP, it means 'to succeed'. As opposed to wearing togas and caps in graduation ceremonies, Iskos and Iskas wear the Sablay—a symbol of Philippine nationalism and the importance we put upon our indigenous culture.

To keep the spirit of nationalism alive, I wore local brands from top to bottom during both my college and university graduation. This was the outfit I wore during our college recognition day.

Skirt: Apartment 8 Clothing
Earrings: Pearls from Palawan
Lipstick: Kiss and Tell PH
Shoes: Parisian

Congratulations to us, mga kapwa Isko at Iska ng Bayan! Serve the people, always and in all ways.

All photos taken by Pauline Disuanco

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