Tuesday, December 19, 2017

7 Unconventional Christmas Gift Ideas For Different Types of Girlfriends

Snatch the best gift giver award this holiday season by swapping the usual mug and calendar with these unconventional gift ideas.

Boyfriends (and besties), take note!

1. For the beauty vlogger wannabe

Price starts at PHP6,000
Shop for it at lazada

The secret to taking perfect selfies? Perfect lighting! Give your girl a ring light this Christmas so she can properly document her #MOTD everyday! (That's makeup of the day, fyi.) 

2. For the skincare lover

PHP 379
Shop for it here

Let's face it—skincare is life! Give the gift of clear skin this Christmas.

TBH, I've struggled with acne for as long as I can remember (Ugh, PCOS problems!), but I'm so ecstatic to share with you guys something that's really helped improve my skin (I swear this isn't a paid post!).

I've been using Beach Born's Witch Hazel Extract for the past month, and my skin's already started clearing up. Don't believe me? See it for yourself! Swipe the photos below to see my before and after photo, taken 10 days apart.

Blogging my acne journey with Beach Born reaaally soon! Watch out for it, please! :)

Here’s a confession: I’ve been dealing with pesky acne for 2 years now. #PCOSproblems 😩 • Acne can really affect your self-esteem, which is why I always put on concealer/ BB cream to reduce the redness on my face. Stop hating on #makeup you guys! 😊 • During my recent trip to LA, I noticed my skin started breaking out MORE because of the climate! (I honestly didn’t know winter could affect your skin like that!) 😓 • It was a good thing I brought with me the gifts @beachbornph sent me just the week before. I’ve been hearing good reviews about their #WitchHazelExtract, and how it can treat acne—and I knew I just HAD to try it!!! • I am soooo happy I finally found something that actually WORKS for me! Of course, my skin still needs a lot of improvement, but I’m just amazed by how my cystic zits calmed down in a week. These are the results after 10 days of consistently using this morning and evening. PLEASE DON’T JUDGE MY EYEBROWS HAHAHHAHA I swear I’m gonna book a threading session tonight. 😅😂😂😂 • I’ll continue to use this for the next 30 days to see more of what this miracle oil can do to solve my acne problem—and I can’t wait to share with you all my acne journey on the blog! • To every girl battling with acne (especially those with PCOS!), know that you’re not alone (we’re in this together!) and that there will be a solution to our problems! ❤️ You just really have to find the right product for you! • DISCLAIMER: This is NOT a paid post! I’m just really happy with my #BeachBornPH experience! ❤️ YAY FOR SUPPORTING LOCALLY MADE PRODUCTS!!! #SupportLocal #GoLocal • Blogging soon on heyhershey.blogspot.com
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3. For the girl who's sleepy 24/7

PHP 350
Shop for it here

Some people just can't function before having their morning coffee. That's totally understandable. The perfect gift to give them? This Instagrammable (and yummy!) bottle of cold brew from Man on the Moon. It's affordable, it's quality coffee, it's locally made, and it will definitely take you to the moon and back!

4. For the girl who loves liquor AND chocolate (but tbh now, who doesn't??)

I forgot how much this costs, but I remember it not being more than PHP 700 or PHP 800? Just DM them via viber for inquiries!

Shop for it here, or you call any Red Door Kitchen branch to pick it up or have it delivered.

Maricar Reyes Poon's choco liquor cake is one of the BEST cakes I've ever had in my life. No, this is not an exaggeration. It is so moist, so delicious—it's like Christmas in my mouth. Hahahaha. I am so addicted to this cake—I even bought this for my boyfriend's birthday two months ago just so I can have an excuse to eat it again. LOL.

5. For the environmentalist

PHP 500
Shop for it here

This one's the perfect gift for every tree hugger (TBH, I want one set for myself, too!).

Say NO to plastic utensils and switch to a greener option! This set includes a wooden spoon, fork, and knife, a wooden pair of chopsticks, and metal straws in different sizes.

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6. For the #AcadsIsLife Girl!

PHP 2,250
Shop for it here

Does your girl love to study? Let her read her transes and case studies fashionably with this super cute marble clipboard!

7. For the K-Beauty Obsessed

Prices vary
Recommended shops: Etude House, The Face Shop, Luke Skin

If your girl is into Korean skincare, face masks are the perfect gift for her! It's inexpensive (there are facial sheets that cost only PHP60) yet very effective.

I personally LOVE LOVE LOVE facial sheets (in fact, I'm wearing one right now as I type this article at 2AM. LOL).

Ladies, what's on your wishlist this Christmas? Comment below!

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